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Can I Sue If I Got Hurt In A California Store Or Business?

Can I Sue If I Got Hurt In A California Store Or Business?
Christian J. Amendt

Many people suffer injuries every day while going about regular errands such as grocery shopping or visiting an office. When you are on the premises of a business such as a store or an office, the owner is responsible for keeping the public areas safe and free of hazards.

If you suffer an injury while shopping or going about other errands on either public or business property, the business owner may be negligent in your accident. It is important for you to understand the basics of premises liability, because you may have grounds for filing a lawsuit.

The slip-and-fall injury3

One of the more common premises liability injuries is the slip-and-fall injury. The National Floor Safety Institute reported that slips and falls account for over one million emergency room visits per year. An example of this is a spill on a grocery store floor that causes a slippery surface, which leads to a customer falling and injuring him or herself in the grocery store. The store is responsible for customer safety, so the spill could constitute a hazard leading to an injury. The customer may have grounds for filing a lawsuit against the store for premises liability.

Other premises liability examples

Property owners do not have to just ensure that their property is free from hazards like slippery surfaces. There are other common injuries in premises liability cases, such as dog bites. Depending on the circumstances surrounding the dog bite, the victim may have grounds to sue under premises liability. Another example is amusement park rides. The amusement park is responsible for ensuring its rides are safe for the public, and serious injuries can occur due to improper maintenance or operation.

Premises liability covers a wide range of injuries, and in all cases, the victim should seek justice by consulting with a personal injury attorney to determine whether there is cause for a lawsuit. Filing a suit is not simply to create conflict; it is a matter of seeking the appropriate compensation for injuries and for liability on the part of the responsible party.

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