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Dangerous Drivers Get Lost In Thought

Dangerous Drivers Get Lost In Thought
Christian J. Amendt

Turning around to talk to a passenger in the back seat, while you drive, is clearly dangerous. So is pulling out your cellphone and making a call or, worse yet, sending a text message. If you want to use the GPS and you haven’t programmed the destination prior to the start of your trip, you definitely don’t want to do it while you drive.

These are all examples of distracted driving. They’re very risky. You do want to avoid them at all costs.

That said, reports have found that many drivers get distracted simply by getting lost in thought. If you were watching them drive, it would look like they were holding the wheel, keeping their eyes on the road and really paying attention to what they were doing. They would appear safe. But they wouldn’t be, simply because their minds would be wandering, and they’d be thinking about something else.

What do they think about? It varies. A stressed office worker on the way home may think about work. A young teenager on a Friday morning may think about their weekend plans after school. A disgruntled spouse may think about divorce.

Exactly what they think about doesn’t really make a difference. They just get bored while driving, and their mind wanders, so they’re not really paying any attention. This can lead to car accidents just like any other distraction.

Have you gotten injured in an accident with a distracted driver? If so, you need to know what rights you may have to financial compensation for your medical bills and other costs.

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