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How Can Dog Owners Be More Responsible?

How Can Dog Owners Be More Responsible?
Christian J. Amendt

Dogs offer much joy and contentment to their owners’ lives. To repay these gifts, dog owners must take the right steps to ensure their canines remain happy and healthy. Protecting others from dog attacks is a component of proper care since a dog bite will not only affect the victim but also the animal. In this case, The Spruce offers the following tips to dog owners.

All dogs should be spayed and neutered. Not only does this reduce the pet population, and in turn prevent dogs from being needlessly euthanized, it can also make for a more well-behaved animal. Dogs that aren’t fixed are more likely to try to escape to find a mate. They may also be more aggressive. This is especially true with male dogs, who often fight with others for the affections of a female in heat.

Obedience training is also crucial for dogs. When dogs misbehave, accidents happen, and these accidents may have devastating consequences for all involved. Proper training prevents dogs from misbehaving and potentially causing issues. It also allows owners some semblance of confidence when taking dogs out in public. For example, a trained dog is less likely to chase other animals or even people when out on walks.

Lastly, dogs should be on leashes most of the time when in public. Many places have laws that state dogs must be on leashes, and owners have to respect these laws for the safety of their pets as well as others. Even if it’s legal to have your dog off-leash in some areas, make sure you’re supervising his behavior at all times. At home, dogs should be kept in fenced-in, secure yards to prevent them from leaving the property. If your yard is without a fence, consider tethering your dog when spending time outdoors.

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