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Melyssa Ford, Model And Actress, Injured In Freeway Wreck

Melyssa Ford, Model And Actress, Injured In Freeway Wreck
Christian J. Amendt

Canadian model, actress and reality TV personality Melyssa Ford, 41, was in a very serious collision last month. According to media reports, Ford was driving her Jeep on a freeway in Los Angeles on June 28 when, for unknown reasons, a semitruck struck her vehicle.

She suffered a fractured skull, concussion and bleeding in her brain after her vehicle was flipped multiple times on a Los Angeles freeway, according to her friends.

Ford’s friend, Claudia Jordan, who formerly appeared on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, learned of her friend’s accident by one of her social media followers. The man had intervened as a Good Samaritan at the scene of the crash.

In addition to posting photos of the accident scene, Jordan also stated that Ford suffered a skull fracture, bleeding on the brain and a concussion. According to Jordan’s own social media post, Ford “doesn’t even remember” the accident. She also asked for any witnesses with information about the collision to provide her with information that could “assist in putting the pieces back together” for Ford.

Another friend who visited Ford at the hospital commented on her own Instagram that the injured woman was wearing her seat belt, intimating that was likely why she survived. According to this friend, Ford’s head wound was approximately 10 inches and had to be closed surgically with both stitches and staples.

Ford’s credits include appearances in music videos for Alicia Keys, Usher and Jay-Z. She also appeared on the big screen in Think Like A Man, Love For Sale and Turn It Up, as well as a two-season stint on Bravo’s reality series Blood, Sweat & Heels.

No information was provided as to whether the driver of the big rig that struck her was ticketed or charged with any traffic offenses.

California freeways are notoriously congested and can be very hazardous. This is especially true during the peak rush hour commutes when it seems like everybody in the state is attempting to get from Point A to Point B.

If you get hurt in a collision with a semitruck driver, it’s likely that you will also suffer debilitating injuries. It’s wise to learn all that you can about the rights to seek financial compensation for your injuries, as your convalescence may be a long one.

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