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How Can You Pay Bills After Losing Wages After An Accident?

How Can You Pay Bills After Losing Wages After An Accident?
Christian J. Amendt

You injured yourself recently, and now you cannot work. Bill collectors want their payments, and you must tend to your financial health. What should you do? 

Securian Financial offers tips for paying bills after an injury. While waiting to see how your injury case turns out, learn how to tend to your financial obligations. 

Restructure your budget

Now is the time to tweak your budget to eliminate unessential spending. Rather than subscribe to streaming services, use your local library to check out books and DVDs. With your injury, it may be some time before you go back to the gym, so consider suspending your membership if you have one. Use technology to keep track of your expenses and see where you may tighten your purse strings. For services that you cannot do without, call your provider to see if you can negotiate a cheaper deal without sacrificing quality. 

Use coupons

If you do not already have one, get a shopper’s card from your local grocery store to save money. Check your phone for options for getting cashback on common purchases. Also, think about getting a membership at your local warehouse store. Keep an eye out for chances to stack savings and take advantage of opportunities to save on items that you already buy. 

Prioritize existing debt

Make it a priority to pay your credit card bills, car payment, mortgage and other debts. You do not want to rack up late fees and fines and ruin your credit. Let your lenders and credit card issuer know about your injury to see if you qualify for assistance. 

Take steps to avoid a financial injury that matches your physical injury. Use the above tips to keep a roof over your head and food in your pantry. 

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