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Tips For Staying Safe In Public Pools This Summer

Tips For Staying Safe In Public Pools This Summer
Christian J. Amendt

The summer is finally upon us in Pomona and that means it’s time to hit the pool, especially on the hottest of days. When you visit a public pool you must heed all the safety procedures and policies listed on warning signs posted throughout the property. If you don’t and you get injured you might not be able to hold the pool liable for the injuries. Here are some pool safety tips for your summer in Pomona.

Your children should never swim in a public pool, or any pool, if they have a stomach bug. This is especially true if they have been vomiting recently or have had a bout with diarrhea. The bacteria will easily enter the pool and can infect other swimmers.

You and your children should always take a shower prior to getting into the pool. Most pools have showers, especially if they have volleyball or basketball courts. A quick shower, with your bathing suit still on, will help remove any bacteria or germs on your body.

Children need to be taught and reminded constantly of the dangers of drowning. It is a leading cause of unintentional death for children between the ages of one to 14. It is an avoidable tragedy that everyone can play a role in preventing.

Horsing around in or around the pool is never a good idea. It only takes one blow to the head to cause someone to go unconscious and slip under the water.

Safety in and around a pool is always important no matter your age. If you have young children with you make sure they are always in your sight, especially when they are in the pool swimming so you can avoid injuries.

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