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How Do I Claim Lost Wages If I Am Self-Employed?

How Do I Claim Lost Wages If I Am Self-Employed?
Christian J. Amendt

Suffering an automobile collision has probably caused you serious injuries that you need time to recover from. However, your recovery period will keep you from working for a while, which is why you might need to claim lost wages in court. You might wonder how to go about this if you are a self-employed individual.

Although self-employed persons may find it more difficult than employees to prove their lost income in court, it is still possible if you provide certain documents that show what you earn as part of your business.

Tax documents

One way to prove your work earnings is to provide your tax records. Common examples include your tax return from a previous year and business tax forms like a 1099 form. These documents may also support your self-employed status by showing quarterly taxes you pay as part of withholding.

Business invoices

Over the course of running your business, you may have sent invoices to vendors or other parties requesting payment. These invoices can further support your claims of self-employment and show how much you have earned in income.

Business communications

Business correspondence can be of assistance since you likely have written or typed communications to clients or other parties discussing compensation for your work. While these documents might be beneficial to proving your employment status and income flow, be certain that sharing your correspondence does not breach any confidentiality.

Medical information

You can bolster your case with records from your doctor. You might supply the results from a medical exam as well as a disability slip or a note from your physician describing how long you should abstain from work while you recover from your injuries.

Any other documents that present a picture of your income and how your accident has impacted your ability to earn can be valuable. Keep and organize any records that could help you receive the compensation you need.

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