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When Do I Need To Replace My Bike Helmet?

When Do I Need To Replace My Bike Helmet?
Christian J. Amendt

Getting out on your bicycle is a great way to get around town and get some exercise. With gas prices on the rise, riding your bike can be economical, too.

As you get ready for another season of riding, it is important to look over your safety equipment to ensure you are protected if you are in an accident. While your helmet may look the same as it did last year, it could be time to replace it.

These are the two most important times you should replace your bike helmet.

Every three to five years

When you pick up your helmet, it may look the same as the first time you got it out of the box. There may be a few scuffs from where it sits when it is in storage, but aside from that, it may look nearly new.

However, as your helmet ages, the materials that protect you in a crash begin to break down. The helmet may look the same from the outside, but it cannot offer the same protection after more than five years.

Another advantage of replacing your helmet every three to five years is that helmet manufacturers continually improve helmet technology. When you replace your helmet, you can ensure you have the best protection in your price range.

After every accident

After a tumble off of your bike, you may be happy that you only have a few scrapes and are ready for another day of biking. As you recall the accident, you consider that you may not have hit your head in the crash.

These tend to be some of the reasons that people do not replace their helmets after a fall. However, when you fall off your bike, you may not realize that you also hit your head.

Your helmet is designed to protect you in one crash. After one accident on your bike, the helmet has taken as much impact as it is intended to take, and you need to replace it.

When you take care of your helmet and replace it after crashes or after three to five years, you can have the protection you need for every accident.

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