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Road Rash After A Motorcycle Crash

Road Rash After A Motorcycle Crash
Christian J. Amendt

During the summer, many people may relish the opportunity to ride their motorcycles along the California roads. However, if people get into a collision, they may incur an injury known as road rash.

People usually sustain road rash after their skin rubs against a rough surface. According to Healthline, motorcyclists maybe more likely to develop road rash during the summer. People may sometimes wear less protective gear because of the heat. If their skin scrapes against asphalt during a crash, people may develop a serious case of road rash.

How serious is road rash?

The severity of road rash usually depends on the incident. Medical News Today says that some cases of road rash may be fairly mild. People may have abrasions on the upper layers of their skin and the wound may bleed. However, a serious crash may result in a more severe injury. People may damage their nerve endings and tendons, and in some situations, they may also break a bone. Additionally, glass or dirt may get into the wound as people skid across the pavement.

Should motorcyclists see a doctor?

If bikers have a mild case of road rash, they may be able to treat their wounds at home. However, serious cases typically need medical treatment. People should usually see a doctor if their injury does not begin to heal in the days after the crash. If the injured tissue feels warm or begins to swell, motorcyclists should make sure they receive medical attention.

Motorcyclists may be able to avoid serious cases of road rash by wearing all of the necessary protective gear. This gear covers sensitive parts of the body so that if people get into a collision, their gear receives the impact and not their skin.

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